Ductile Iron Water Pipes

Ductile iron water pipes are available in a range of diameters from 80mm to 1600mm and are suitable for both potable water transmission and distribution (in accordance with BS EN 545) and sewerage (in accordance with BS EN 598). Protective internal linings and external coatings are usually applied to ductile iron pipes to prevent corrosion. The standard internal lining is cement mortar but a choice of coatings and linings is available.

A full range of couplings and adapters from 80mm to 2000mm and above is available to suit ductile, PE, GRO and steel water pipes. Special requirements can be made to order.

Ductile iron pipes have a number of advantages over other pipe materials:

  • Easy to install
  • Lighter than some alternatives and therefore cost less to transport and handle
  • Full range of accessories are widely available
  • Suited to a host of applications both above and below ground
  • Strength of the material allows it to withstand significant internal pressure and also makes it less susceptible to impact damage