Quality Policy Statement

FT Ductile Limited has an established Integrated  Management System based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The FT Group places high emphasis on continually improving its processes and services in order to ‘exceed the expectations of our clients’.

FT Ductile Limited adopts the principles of ‘Process Management’ and builds a culture of continuous improvement within the organisations, with the aims of:
•    Creating a competitive advantage
•    Providing both guidance and technology that assists in improving the infrastructure and operations of our clients.
•    Complying with the requirements of and continually improving the effectiveness of our integrated management system.
•    Continually adding value to processes and all aspects of the business.
•    Providing a service and products that satisfy our clients’ requirement over and above their expectations.
•    Delivering a service on time and within the constraints of client contract, specifications  and legislative requirements.

As part of an on-going process to achieve these aspirations we set objectives and targets that are established and reviewed at regular intervals.
FT Ductile Limited uses training and communication to all employees to ensure this policy is understood and implemented.

As Managing Director I am fully committed to ensuring the implementation of and continual improvement of this quality management system.

The Quality Policy is a live document, and is reviewed at regular Management Review meetings.

Duncan Frazer