Fabricated Flanged Pipework

The diagram above shows typical arrangements for flanged pipe. Please contact us for the full range. All are manufactured to suit and normal lead times are 7-10 working days. Shorter delivery times can be arranged.

Standard drilling is NP16 with NP10 and NP25 also available. The maximum length we can manufacture per pipe is 5300mm. Coatings for EN545 are cement lined internal and bitumen external, cement lined seal coated internal, blue epoxy external. Coatings for EN598 are High Alumina cement lined internal, red epoxy external. Other coatings are available on request.

To protect the pipe during transportation and handling, a range of flanged pipe end caps are now available from FT Ductile.  They feature a drawstring closure method and are available for all pipe sizes.

Flange Joint Sets & Anchor Gaskets


Flange Joint Sets are available in galvanised and rilsan finishes. Flange Joint Sets are also supplied in stainless steel.

Anchor gaskets up to 600mm can be supplied.

FT Ductile has an exclusive agreement to supply 450mm, 500mm and 600mm Tyton-Sit Anchor gaskets. VIP Polymers manufacture the anchor gaskets using FT Ductile’s tooling and moulds. Adding these sizes to our existing range means that we can manufacture and stock anchor gaskets from 80mm through to 600mm.  Having the sole distribution rights to these products also gives us the flexibility we require to meet specific customer needs in a timely manner.