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Rubber check valves are a cost effective way to control back pressures from sewage treatment plants, outfalls and tidal operations. They are specifically designed to be durable and effective, reducing the likelihood of common maintenance problems. They are a fully passive device requiring neither maintenance nor any sources of outside power or manual assistance to operate.

The Series 700 ProFlex™ check valves are offered as direct replacements for maintenance ridden flap type check valves. Unlike flap type valves, the ProFlex™ valves will handle large obstructions without jamming or having swing gates binding open. They are available in either flanged or sleeve style.

Style 710 – Flanged: Designed to bolt directly to existing flanges or new installations, the ProFlex™ rubber duckbill check valve is a full port, concentric design check valve. Various drilling standards are available on request and they can be installed in either vertical or horizontal applications. The unique advantage to this valve is its very low (25mm-50mm) cracking pressure.

Style 730 – Sleeve: The slip-on rubber duckbill check valve is designed to easily slip over an existing pipe (including oval and rectangular configurations) and is affixed with heavy-duty stainless steel clamps. Can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal application.

Benefits of the Series 700 ProFlex™ rubber check valves include:

  • All rubber construction resists abrasive slurries
  • Very quiet operation with no water hammer
  • Unique design prevents backflow
  • Negligible maintenance and energy costs
  • Will not warp or freeze
  • Quick interchange with any flap type check valve
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

Full technical details are available – please enquire below. A 3D product catalogue is now available via our supplier’s website. Click here to view 3D models of the products.