Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement

FT Ductile is committed to the responsible management of the health, safety and environmental effects arising from all its activities and services. This incorporates specific commitments to:

•    The prevention of all accidents including major accidents.
•    The continual addressing of  how we prevent pollution and risk within our organisational activities.
•    The prevention, minimisation, rendering harmless and the monitoring of releases to the environment.
•    Compliance with relevant health, safety and environmental legislation.
•    Meeting and exceeding customer expectations in matters relating to Health, Safety & the Environment.
•    Promoting where possible Health, Safety & Environmental best practice within the immediate organisation.
•    Maintaining a high level of awareness, motivation and training for all employees.
These commitments are supported by a comprehensive and established management system covering all operations within the Company.

As part of an on-going process to achieve these aspirations we set objectives and targets that are established and reviewed at regular intervals.

FT Ductile recognises that the management of health, safety and environmental matters is the prime responsibility of the upper management, who will ensure that there are adequate resources available (both human and financial) to implement the policy.

It is also recognised that this policy can only be successfully implemented with the involvement of all employees and contractors.
The upper management will therefore actively promote and encourage the cooperation, involvement and participation of all employees and contractors.

As the Managing Director  I am fully committed to ensuring the implementation of and continual improvement of this HS&E management system.

The HS&E Policy is a live document, and is reviewed at regular Management Review meetings.

Duncan Frazer, CEO