Quality Policy Statement

FT Ductile Ltd is committed to providing an excellent quality service to our clients, in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

FT Ductile Ltd has adopted the principles of ‘Process Management’, and have implemented an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. We are dedicated to ensuring the implementation and continual improvement of this system and across the organisation. FT Ductile aim to:

As part of an ongoing process to achieve these aspirations, FT Ductile Ltd sets objectives and targets that are established and reviewed at regular intervals.

FT Ductile Ltd recognise that quality is the prime responsibility of the senior management, who will ensure that there are adequate resources available (both human and financial) to implement this policy. Management will actively promote and encourage the cooperation, involvement and participation of all staff.

This Quality Policy is a live document and will be reviewed on an annual basis at Management Review meetings.

Rob Peberday, Managing Director